personal statement

personal statement The Professional Project is intended to link personal and professional career
development with an academic piece of work in the form of a critical literature
review. The appreciation of professional, career and personal development
should not be underestimated. It should provide evidence to support that
development with critical reflection by the student. A series of psychometric
tests are available via BlackBoard to support your self-analysis.
The outline of Section A of the project should take the form seen below with
supporting evidence shown in the appendices.
Part 1: Who I am as a learner?
? Implications for your learning
? Family & friends to comment
Discuss the implications of the questionnaire findings and show how these
relate to how you learn.
Appendix A ? VARK, Myers Briggs, Belbin Inventory, Honey and Mumford
and other relevant tests/indicators you consider appropriate
Part 2: Implications for career choice
? Lifelong learning
? Transferable skills
? Justify chosen career choice
Discuss how your personality type and learning style affect your choice of

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