Personal Stylist Business and Professional styling

 After researching competitors and the trends and needs of the city or town where you live (average age, income, lifestyle, etc.) develop an idea for your own personal shopping or personal style business. Define your target demographic. Give your company a name and develop both a mission statement, a core strategy, and a slogan that reflects your “brand.”

Develop your “brand” to include a slogan, logo, tag-line, etc. Collect a scrapbook of fashion ads from major magazines – like Vogue, Elle, Lucky, Harper’s, GQ, and Esquire. When you have pulled out 20 different ads, study the “copy” and how it works with the visual. Write an ad for your own company – with a slogan or headline, tagline, and body copy. Pair your ad with a photograph or image you download from the Internet. Prepare a written report with all this information.

After doing some research on various online social media, professional networking and business sites, select four that you will focus your efforts on and describe in your report specific details of your ideas for marketing and publicity.

Submit all of the information from this project in the forms below.

2.) Develop a budget and list of stores you’d visit (online or retail) for a personal shopping trip to present to a family of three for seasonal clothing. You will need to enlist the services of three real individuals for this project to play the part of your prospective client family. Include a list of questions you’d ask them in your initial consultation, as well as a list of retail stores that cater to their needs in their area.

Analyze what they have and what they need and do a thorough closet audit. Next, determine their body types and skin tones, and hair colors. What colors work best with their skin tones? What styles work best with their body types?

You must propose a maximum budget for the seasonal wardrobe. You must salvage some of their staples and find new looks that are flattering and transform them into a sophisticated, polished, and up-to-date person. Take into account their lifestyle needs and climate where they live. You will create a mood board for each family member.

Take pictures of before and after and write a report justifying your purchases, detailing what you salvaged from their closet and what you added, analyzing skin tone and body type, describing your rationale for your purchases. You should have “before” and “after” pictures. Submit your findings in the form below.P(5.u)       

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