Persuasive Message Assignment

Persuasive Message Assignment Task
You have recently learned that your company is sponsoring an all expenses paid trip for a team of interns to attend a leadership conference in Brazil. The conference is designed to provide interns with leadership skills to enhance their performance within the organization, as well as introduce them to the Brazilian culture. You know that Company – the Gap Inc. has several intern teams, some which have been working together for much longer than yours. However, you think this trip would be the perfect opportunity for you and your team members to gain additional training and have some fun together. To be considered for the trip each team is required to obtain a nomination from their supervisor. The nomination must include team strengths based on the Everest Simulation. You know that your supervisor may be hesitant to send a newly assembled team to the conference and may have some reservations in nominating your intern team. However, you and your team decide you should send her an email convincing her to nominate your team. Your team recognizes that you have superior writing skills and have an established relationship with your supervisor. Therefore, they have asked you to draft the email persuading her to nominate your team for the trip. You also know that your supervisor is busy, so you will need to summarize your teams’ Everest Simulation information for her while persuading her to nominate your team.

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