philosophy statement

philosophy statement
Write a 1 page write up and the Matrix filled out with the 3 references required in this assignment please.
The Matrix did not copy and paste I will have to upload it.
Thank you for your time.   Specifically, you’ll be reviewing one important video. This ties directly back to the STS theory presented in Module 1 and to the IT value discussed in Module 4. In addition, the video strengthens the importance of building leadership skills as a journey and the need to examine IT projects with a keen eye to support businesses plans.
Video: Leadership in Tough Times The speaker in this video is Major General John Batiste, U.S. Army (Retired) and President of Klein Steel Service Inc. Major General Batiste discusses his leadership style at Klein Steel and prescribes six principles to become a strong leader in organizations. He draws from a series of military examples and connects the similarities between military operations and business initiatives. One of the lessons in this video is to bridge military leadership and service tasks to business processes. The video is 50 minutes long, and it is inspirational and a most see lecture.
Industry Week. (2011). IW Videos. Connecting manufacturing’s leaders. [Video file]. Retrieved from   Your assignment is to use this video as a launching pad to develop our own IT leadership philosophy. The rationale of following a management philosophy is to strengthen the creation of value in organizations through sound judgment, customer and team centric focus, corporate values, and service stance.     Your philosophy statement should be organized according to the following matrix, in the form of statements of basic principles. Each principle should be written succinctly in 5-7 sentences:
Leadership Principles
IT Leadership Philosophy Principle No. 1: Set the azimuth for the organization. Continuously communicate the company’s mission, vision and values.
Principle No. 2: Listen to your teammates. Never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut. Principle No. 3: Decentralize. Trust, empower and mentor your team members. Develop your bench.
Principle No. 4: Do the right thing when no one is looking. Are you walking the talk with your values?
Principle No. 5: When in charge, take charge. Leaders need to lead, follow or get out of the way.
Principle No. 6: Balance is key. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. Takeaways: Leadership is a developed skill, a journey. SLP Assignment Expectations:
Please recall that these SLP papers require that you integrate, discuss, contigiously cite and later fully reference at least three academicaly relevant sources. Please use enough concurrent discussion so that the purpose of each citation is apparent to the reader. Please note that this paper IS INCOMPLETE without at least three ACADEMICALLY RELEVANT references (magazine articles such as from CIO or HBR are OK. ALSO, you may use Wikipedia and military/ corporate references but they DO NOT count as one of the required three).  

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