Using the following steps found within the translation phase of the Practice Evidence Translation (PET) model developed by Johns Hopkins, select a research result reported in a journal article that supports your PICOT/PICo question. Please respond to the following steps. Please note that wording of the steps may have been modified slightly from the PET so that they help with this posting. Include the permalink at the end of your posting.

Using references, identity the research result that you could use in your practice setting.
Determine fit, feasibility, and appropriateness of the result for your practice setting.
Using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA), outline an action plan.
Identify the resources (physical, personal, technology) needed to implement your action plan.
Determine the criteria that you would use to determine whether the implementation of your project was successful.
Identify one future research study that would be useful in extending knowledge of your selected project result.


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