Planning Assignment: Evaluating a State(Illinois) tourism Plan

You task is to examine the tourism plan for one U.S. state(Illinois) and determine what factors/elements have a direct or significant impact on the ability of the state(Illinois) to incorporate tourism as an anchor of economic development. In addition consider how the plan affects the quality of the visitor experience.
1. Conduct a Situation Analysis of the current tourism economy of the state: Among the ways this information can be demonstrated is through current statistics (taxes, jobs, visitors, receipts). The data should not be retyped, instead you are to examine and interpret the data. Indicate what has occurred over the past 3 to 5 years relative to the growth of tourism within the state. This information can be found through secondary research.
2. Conduct a review of the state(Illinois)?s tourism plan. Consider the purpose of the plan ? is there a clearly stated vision for the next five years; do the goals/objectives and the strategies presented correlate to achieving the purpose or outcomes of the plan; what key stakeholders are critical to the success of the plan; how will success be measured; what are the competitive factors/elements for the state(Illinois) relative to tourism; and what must be done to improve the plan (supply factors, new or renovated tourism infrastructure, public infrastructure, policy issues such as zoning, investment,sustainability)?
Expectation: Your writing is to be concise, focused and a product of your own thinking and preparation.

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