What Needs To Be Done
Your task is to display a main menu and allow the user to select options to do the following:
1. There must be a Main Menu that allows the user to either enter in plant information, enter in person plant preferences (plant personality) and exit the program.
2. You must have a way to enter in a person into a file.
3. You must have a way to enter in plant information into a file.
This by no means an extensive list of options that could exist, however, it is enough to give you an idea about finding a solution to a problem such as this.

Tasks –
1. Each person or team will create the following items during the project:
a. Flowchart of the Main Menu
b. Flowchart of the data entry for entering, editing or deleting plant information
c. Flowchart of the data entry for entering, editing or deleting person information
2. The file layouts are provided in this worksheet


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