Play and partnerships SAG V2

Please find attached the course work Please ensure that this is written with fact not opinion if there are additional pages needed please make contact in regards to this ie ‘not enough space was purchased’ will not be classed as acceptable in this case this should reflect all Victoria Australia legislation (EYLF and NQS) All referencing should be in text as well as post text using APA method Please refer to: ‘children’ rather than ‘kids’ ‘educators’ rather than ‘teacher or parent’ Need to know how many pages are needed in order to have all this work completed as well as the total cost Im only asking for what is expected and no more – do not take it upon yourself to increase word counts where not requested Please make contact in writing not via phone calls

• Solange tends to enjoy being in charge of play – try’s to dominate the situation constructed amongst her friendship group – the people within the friendship group also try to dominate the situations of play that are presented often causing conflict
• Enjoys dramatic play, usually includes playing various animals with peers (cats and dogs)
• Enjoys creating artistic pieces
• Images created in art is taking more form in terms of recognisable images (flowers, people etc)
• Environment appears safe, this is a justified statement as there have been no injuries reported, I have had a moment to reflect upon the space and there are two sections of the room in which need to be looked into further in order to create further interest and wonder for children to explore


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