Essay Questions: 1. In detail, discuss the domestic and foreign terrorism, including the types of the terrorist groups?
2. Compare and contrast the internal and external accountability for how the police do their job. Provide two (2) systems/areas of accountability for each approach. Short Answers Questions: 1. Describe the difference between “rotten apples” and “rotten pockets?”
2. What is the Early Intervention [EI]?
3. Define a hate crime?
4. What is IAU and what elements must be met to order for it to be successful?
5. Describe police corruption and its two elements?
6. Define police discretion and areas of exercising police judgment?
True and False Questions: 1. Know who is exercising the biggest amount of discretion in law enforcement
2. Who reports most crimes and who does not?
3. What does SARA stand for?
4. What are the two forms of citizen oversight?
5. Does police work present potential for corruption?
Multiple Choice Questions: 1. Who is credited with developing the Broken Window Theory?
2. Who is credited with introducing the problem-oriented policing?
3. What are the two basic approaches to the police accountability?
4. How do we measure police accountability?
5. Know the characteristics of the hate crime?
6. Be able to define problem prone officers?
7. Be able to define different types of arrest
8. Know all of the factors that lead to solving crime?
9. Be able to define zero-tolerance policing
10. Be able to discuss the court-ordered reforms as they pertain to the external accountability of police work.   ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!  

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