political science

political science Electronic Journal Submission-1st (Chapter 1)
Class Journals: Students must commit themselves to regular attendance and to keeping a weekly class journal, which addresses the course subject matter. Because the topic of “politics” and the discipline of “political science” generate so many divergent theoretical and practical interpretations, paying attention to those theoretical and practical interpretations and the way in which they affect your learning, attitudes, and behavior are an important part of this course what you do? Every Thursday students are responsible for one typewritten full page about their interpretations of the course readings for that week. What you think; how things affect you; the impact upon society; and also what you learned about yourself and/or others. Why you do it? It is important that you think critically, pay attention to what you are thinking, and that you become an active participant in your own learning process. The development of critical thinking and analytical reasoning are essential to the understanding and use of information. It is what allows the student to discuss and argue points of opinion versus points of fact. What you write about? Journals must clearly address course readings and/or course reading related current events! Write substantive journal entries (relevant subject matter) that differentiate between fact and opinion; determine cause and effect relationships; compare and contrast information/points of view; and making judgments by drawing logical conclusions (give reflective feedback on reading assignments and or reading related current events). What you do not write about? The exact topic is your choice! However, the journal is NOT a general diary of your life; rather the journal is for you to engage and address course related readings and their impact. There is never an excuse for having nothing to say—you may always address reading assignments. How long should it be? Entries must be at least one full-page (single-spaced) in length, typewritten with 12pt.font. Be mindful, partial work earns partial credit (this is your opportunity to demonstrate your grasp of course related subject matter; not to mention, the impact of such subject matter on you and or society at-large). When is it due? Journal entries are due every Thursday (check schedule on moodle)! Ultimately, journals assist students in their attempt to better grasp the political process.

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