Position Paper submitted via Blackboard on

Position Paper submitted via Blackboard on


Article on Good will workers with disabilities
1. They are paid pennies an hour, because of a 1938 law intended to promote employment of disabled individuals
2. This law is old and outdated and it is unfair and socially unjust to discriminate in any way against individuals with disabilities
3. The UNenable => Globally, in most developing countries up to 90% of individuals with disabilities of working age are unemployed. In developed countries, the unemployment rate of individuals with disabilities is twice as much as the labor force that is not disabled
4. Despite being a developed country, the United States still exhibits discrimination against the disabled labor force
1. 2004 Survey reported that the rate of employment for the disabled workforce was 34%, whereas it was 78% for the non-disabled workforce
2. Being a disabled person with a college education was no guarantee of finding employment either. Among disabled respondents with a college education, the employment rate was equal to 50.6%, while it was equal to 89.9% for their non-disabled counterparts.
2. There is fear and discrimination against persons with disability
1. Fear that they will not perform and work as well as persons without disabilities
2. Fear that they will take more time off for illness and leaves of absence
3. Fear that they are overall less productive
4. Social stigma: physically and mentally different from non-disabled workers
3. Policy implications
1. In the U.S. removal of the 1938 “penny laws”
2. Need to ensure wage equality for all disabled individuals and provide assistance them in and out of the workplace
3. Giving equal access to work and paying disabled individuals fairly should be a basic human right
4. Globally, disabled individuals are a part of society, and should be active members of international business practices
5. Create laws and regulations to protect rights and employment opportunities of disabled workers over the world
6. Hiring more disabled workers could boost the economy and increase the GDP


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