2. On your DC, login as administrator, create two functions as follows and save them in a Module called MyADModules.psm1 –
2.1. Create-OU
2.1.1. Create the OU such that they “can” be deleted (as a default).
2.2. Add-UserToOU
2.2.1. Every user account created using this function should be made to change their account password at logon; the account should be enabled right after the user name is created, and their password will be @cmeP@$$
3. Using the above two functions, :
3.1. Create 10 organization units (use your function Create-OU)
3.1.1. SalesOU
3.1.2. HR_OU
3.1.3. AccountingOU
3.1.4. MarketingOU
3.1.5. InactiveUsersOU
3.1.6. IT_OU
3.1.7. FinanceOU
3.1.8. Make some up … 
3.2. Create 15 distinct users per OU created above (use your function Add-UserToOU), except the InactiveUsersOU which has no users (yet!!)
3.2.1. One such user (Standard) in IT_OU will be yourself.
3.2.2. One other user will be me – Krish MD (login name: krish)
4. Create groups representing one per OU; like so –
4.1. SaleGrp,
4.2. HRGpr,
4.3. AccountingGrp
4.4. so on
5. Add the users in the OUs to their respective groups. For e.g. users in HR_OU will be members of HRGrp group. Do that for all the users in respective OUs.
6. Make “krish” member of all the above groups
7. Add krish and yourself to the Administrators group
8. Create an OU under MarketingOU called PacificRimOU
9. Move the 5 users from SalesOU to PacificRimOU you created above
10. Of the 15 users in the AccountingOU, 5 users were fired by Dr T, The Boss Man, therefore move their accounts to InactiveEmployeesOU and disable their accounts;
10.1. Move the remaining user accounts to FinanceOU
10.2. delete the AccountingOU
11. Create a simple script to reset user passwords; Use the script to reset:
11.1. All the users in IT_OU to 1Tr0(k$:-)! Except your user name.
12. PowerShell Remoting – Use PSSession cmdlets
12.1. List services that are running on the member server from DC
12.2. Get disk information on the member server from DC
12.3. From the Member Server, get the processes that are running on the domain controller:
12.3.1. Show only the process ID, Process Name and CPU cycles used. Sort them by Process Name.
12.3.2. Save the output to a CSV file
12.3.3. Display the contents of the above CSV file on the console window
12.3.4. Show the newest 20 logs of the Application event logs that are older than 2 weeks
12.3.5. List the latest 20 Success and Failure Audit events in the Security Log
12.3.6. List the latest 10 events in the Windows PowerShell event log
12.4. Install any 3 of the following Windows roles/features on DC from Member server using PSSEssion cmdlets from member server to DC:
12.4.1. WDS
12.4.2. Certificate Services
12.4.3. IIS
12.4.4. WSUS
12.4.5. Windows Powershell Web Access
12.4.6. Show the list of installed roles/features
13. Create the following sequentially named files in C:DocsFinance folder on the DC
13.1. 2016-03-02-FinancialRecord.txt
13.2. 2016-03-03-FinancialRecord.txt
13.3. 2016-03-04-FinancialRecord.txt
13.4. 2016-03-05-FinancialRecord.txt
14. Each file should have at least a line in them, for e.g. for the first file, sample text line could be “This is file 2016-03-02-FinancialRecord.txt”
15. Create a CSV file that contains the above file names and their SHA1 Hash. Call the file “2016-03-SHA-HASH.csv” and save it to C:Docs directory.


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