Practicum Presentation

Practicum Presentation

During Week 8, you will have to create and give an oral presentation using PowerPoint.

Online Students
You will be prerecording your presentation using a computer microphone and PowerPoint. Your presentation should be 5–10 minutes long and is not to exceed 10 minutes in length

Your PowerPoint presentation should contain the following.

•Enough slides to cover the material (there is no minimum or maximum).
•Your slides should contain the following content.◦Cover slide with your name, HIT170, session, and the name of the facility at which you completed your Midterm practicum hours (if applicable). If you are an online student, use DeVry Memorial Hospital as the name of your facility.
◦Table of contents slide or similar noting what the presentation contains
◦Overview of facility (location, number of beds, if applicable, overview of services provided, community it serves, organizational structure, and accreditation); online students, be creative in your overview
◦Mission, values, and so forth of facility
◦Other pertinent information, such as how records are handled, privacy, registration procedures, indexing procedures, billing, and quality initiatives
◦What was learned each week?
◦Closing slide (might include your final thoughts on the practicum experience)

If you’re looking for a good resource to improve your PowerPoint design skills, please feel free to check out Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. This book is not required, but it is highly recommended.


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