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Legal Connections Paper

For this assignment each student will do the following:

1. Select a topic (either from the syllabus, the book, or other area of interest related to education),

2. Read the Alexander and Alexander chapter related to that topic in its entirety,

3. Find three additional legal opinions (scholarly articles and not court cases) related to that topic using Lexis-Nexis database (we will spend our second day of class in the library to become familiar with at least one of these databases),

4. Read the three opinions,

5. Write a three to five page paper, in APA format, summarizing the issue, connecting the Alexander and Alexander chapter to the three papers, and discussing the implications this topic has for you, as you become an educational leader.

6. This paper will be due April 24, 2017.

The following rubric will be used to assess the legal connections paper:

Score Descriptors
4 A legal connections paper receiving the highest possible score will address the following items:
• Presents a clear summary of the issues related to the topic,
• Draws an significant connection between the Alexander and Alexander text and the three selected legal opinions,
• The paper follows APA writing style,
• Discusses the implications this topic as for the author as he/she becomes an educational leader, and
• Grammar and spelling are correct.
3 A legal connections paper receiving a three fails to address all the issues described above or insufficiently covers all of the items addressed above.
2 A legal connections paper receiving a two clearly omits one or more of the points identified in 4.
1 A legal connections paper receiving a one fails to adequately address the items identified in 4 and has completely omitted one or more of those items.


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