Prescription drug abuse prevention

Phenomena of interest (POI): Prescription drug abuse prevention.

You will explain why you think this POI is significant- this section of the paper should be supported with peer reviewed evidence from the literature available on the subject. The evidence should be current-no older than 5-7 years at most.
Next, you will discuss your basic philosophic approach to your life and work. Please provide discussion detailing how your philosophic viewpoint impacts how you view the chosen POI and how it impacts the way you search for the “truth” about this issue.
Next, you will discuss the opposing philosophical viewpoint as it relates to your practice and your POI. If your viewpoint is primarily Analytical, you will discuss the merits of Continental philosophy; if your primary viewpoint is Continental, you will discuss the merits of an Analytical viewpoint.
Finally, you will summarize the four ways of knowing identified by Carper and provide a discussion about how these different ways of knowing will impact your advanced nursing practice role. This section should be well supported by peer reviewed references.
A copy of the grading rubric is provided for you below. It is highly recommended that you organize your paper based on the grading rubric criteria detailed below; the use of headings based on the grading rubric criteria is also strongly recommended. While there are no concrete guidelines, a paper of this length would be expected to have 8-10 references at a minimum.

Grading criteria Points
Introductory paragraph: this must end with a thesis statement that tells the
reader what will be discussed in the paper /1 point
Identify a Phenomenon of Interest that has significance to your area of
advanced specialty practice. Justify the importance/relevance of the chosen POI
with evidential support using current peer reviewed sources. Include specific
statistics, costs related to the POI, impact on the overall healthcare system, etc.
/6 points
Identify and discuss your primary philosophic viewpoint (Qualitative or
Quantitative) as outlined in the Assignment Keynote and Resources. How does
your philosophy impact how you view your identified POI? How does your
philosophy impact how you evaluate and seek the “truth” regarding the POI? How
does this philosophy impact the way you provide care to your patients or
/4 points
Discuss the alternative philosophic viewpoint. If your primary view of the
world is Quantitative in nature, what is the value of Qualitative data? If your
primary viewpoint is Qualitative in nature, what is the value of Quantitative data?
Does the “opposing” viewpoint help define the POI more fully? How do you
incorporate this type of information into your clinical practice? How does this
philosophy impact the way you provide care to your patients or population?
/4 points
Ways of knowing in nursing: provide a summary of the four patterns of knowing
identified by Carper (1978). Discuss how these patterns of knowing will influence
the advanced practice role for which you are training. Support your discussion
with peer reviewed references. How do you use the patterns of knowing to seek
the information you need to provide care to your patients or population?
Conclusion: this section should summarize the contents of the paper. No new
information should be included in this section.
/1 point
Total points: /20
The paper should be written in a formal, scholarly style. Correct APA format is required. The paper should be between 6-8 pages in length (excluding the Title and Reference pages)


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