Principles of Indegenous Community Development

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Write an essay on one of the following topics:
a) Criticize the principle concepts and theories of community development. In your
response, make reference to empowerment and the concept of change within
Australia and two international Indigenous communities.
b) To what extend are the principle concepts and theories of community development
linked to empowerment? In your response, make reference to the concept of change
and Indigenous community development in Australia and two international

Your essay must 
contain an introduction, main body, a conclusion, a Reference
List (not a Bibliography) and in-text acknowledgements of your references.
The essay divisions (introduction, body and conclusion) are not to be
sign-posted by way of sub-headings throughout your argument. It
should be evident to your reader where the introduction, body and conclusion start
and finish.

You MUST use the AGPS Reference Style. Style sheet uploaded. 
All references are to be no older than 10 years. Most important of all, is the quality and use of sources in your assignment. Select them wisely!

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