Principles of Management

Answer the following questions:

1. Should Elizabeth stay at her company? Explain your logic.

2. What is the best outcome for the company in this situation? Explain your logic

3. Would you fire anyone over this incident? Explain why you would or would not.

Perform the following activities:

4. Acting as if you were the boss, write out an email to Elizabeth explaining your decision.

5. Write a policy statement that would prevent this from occurring again in your team.

6. Using the “HBR Tools SWOT Guide,” conduct a SWOT analysis on your policy that you wrote in answer five. Include Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats posed by your policy.

**please use the book as the sources
Carpenter, M., Bauer, T., Erdogan, B., Short, J. (2014). Principles of Management (v.2.0). Washington, D.C: Flat World Knowledge, Inc.


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