Principles of Management Organizing Case Assignment

  Organizing at Dell Computers
We all remember Dell Computers and most of us may have used them. It was a very successful company. It was known for shipping directly to the consumer, which enabled very competitive prices.
But times changed in the PC industry. Dell Computers experienced major losses.
But Michael Dell, its founder, returned to the helm and is master mining a turnaround.
Our main focus is the organizing happening nowadays at Dell Computers. Case Assignment Expectations Please write a three to four page paper. Please answer this main question:
Can Michael Dell be successful in turning around Dell Computers? What are some of the main initiatives (related to Organizing) that Dell has implemented in order to turn Dell Computers around? Required Readings! Dell’s Extreme Makeover Edwards, C. (2009) Dell’s Extreme MakeOver. Business Week, New York, N.Y., October 15, 2009 Please also visit Dell Computers site and conduct further research, for instance by reading some of the latest news about the company. Helpful Tips! • Please first read in-depth the Background Materials.
• Identify key concepts (main aspects of Organizing, such as design/structures, teams, etc), make a list of them, and study them.
• Read the case in Business Week in-depth and conduct additional research, if necessary.
• Identify facts in the case that match the concepts of organizing such as: • Apply these concepts to facts in the case in order to develop your arguments.
• Use Tips for Good Writing! Make sure to have an introduction, a main body with as many sections as identified concepts of reorganization design, etc (see my hints), and conclusions These are some suggestions about some of the Dell initiatives! Organizational restructuring based upon customers into business groups
A newly hired executive team
New Culture
New Strategies to reach customers and how they reflect in organizing (such as opening stores, etc).remember they used to ship directly to customers in their good old das! Format In order to develop good business communication skills, it is recommended you write papers using the following structure, using headlines and titles. Introduction (road map, explain main issue and list and main points) Main Body: Develop each point in the Introduction, applying theory to facts, in subsections (one subsection per main point). In this case, subsections should be based upon main Dell organizing changes, such as new structure in business groups/units with added responsibilities, new hiring policies, etc. aswel as a discussion section! Conclusions: Summarize main paper points List of references. Citing your Sources:
APA Style
TUI requires all PhD work to be in APA form. We also encourage all other students to comply with guidelines for proper citation of references. You may use the information found on the following links: Other resources you may want to look at to assist you in writing college papers: This is an extensive guide to college writing from the University of Maryland. Pick specific chapters or browse the whole text!  

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