Problem or Opportunity Background.

For this assignment, you will review the steps to communicating the purpose of a research study and management question, examine the process to create a literature review, and develop a Purpose of the Investigation and Management/Business questions to use as a guide to your investigation. You will also begin researching information for the Problem or Opportunity Background section of your Portfolio.

Please note that the literature review, which is in Section II of your Portfolio Project, is entitled Problem or Opportunity Background.

There are several components to this assignment:

Section I

Revise and complete the Section I Worksheet —Business Opportunity or Section I Worksheet—Organizational Problem
Draft Section I using the Portfolio Project Template
Problem or Opportunity Background

Provide an outline of areas/topics you intend to investigate.
Submit a list of at least 12 references that you will analyze and incorporate into Section II of the Portfolio Project (Problem or Opportunity Background) for the Week 8 Portfolio assignment in this course.
Concentrate on using references that were published within the last five years.
Ensure a minimum of three references for each topic area that have been identified at this point in the process.
Identify and include a specific theory that is relevant to the topic, problem, purpose, and management question.
Remember that the literature review does not attempt to answer your problem statement. The 12 references will provide the most up-to-date review of the areas/topics of your investigation.


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