Product Analysis/Evaluations Assignment

Product Analysis/Evaluations Assignment:
(Worth a maximum of 150 points each)
You will write an in-depth 1500 word blog post which will include
an analysis, evaluation and marketing recommendations on one of
the three products and or services listed below. This assignment
is to be posted on Blackboard on or before week eight.
The objective of this assignment is to build upon the content of the
textbook and classroom lectures by analysis and evaluating a
current product or service. This assignment will require you to
evaluate, analyze, a product or service based on the topics listed
You are required to observe, evaluate and analysis the following issues.
What product or service was evaluated? Discuss and point out several specific
examples of the product or service based on the 4p’s of marketing .
What aspects of the product or service had a positive influence on your perceptions
of your overall experience?
What aspects of the product or service experience had a negative influence on your
perceptions of your overall experience?
What other aspects of the physical evidence were present in the purchase of your
product or service?
What recommendations would you make to improve the overall product and
customer service experience?
Please be specific and detailed with your answer
Please Note: This assignment is not limited to the above listed items and should
include any of the additional items listed below:
Investigate and Analyze the Company’s History and Growth
Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses Within the Company
Gather and listing Information on the External Environment
Analyze Your Findings
Identify Corporate Level Strategy.
Identify Business Level Strategy.
Product Analysis/Evaluations Assignment
BUS 560
Fast Food Restaurant Kitchen Utensil Frozen Pizza.


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