This project is based on statistical idea. First, please look up some definitions of words such as causality, observational and experimental study, confounding factors, mediating factors. This would help the writer understand clearly understand the concept of the project and notion of the paper.
Here is the instruction:
Find a causal question that you find interesting. It should be a real question that involves a decision perhaps for you or for someone you know or a policy decision for a government or enterprise. Clearly state the question and why it is relevant. Explain why it is a causal question and not a predictive question?

Find and study at least three sources that are relevant to the question. At least one source should be in the ‘popular’ media and at least one in the academic literature. The source in the academic literature can be one that is referred to in a source in the popular media.

For each source, write a synopsis of their claims. Most claims of a causal nature will be based on prior theoretical knowledge of the links between variables together with some components that are less well understood and rely on the interpretation of data.

Write a detailed and insightful critique of the claims in each source. Are they based on observational or on experimental evidence. If the evidence is observational, what attempts have been made to control for possible confounding factors? Have any moderators been considered? Have possible mediators been controlled, possibly suppressing an actual causal effect? Are the subjects used relevant for context that interests you. Comment generally on internal and external validity relative to the context of your question.

Conclude with a general assessment of the information you have found and how it answers — or not — your original question.

Include references and links to your sources.


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