project execution

Please according the document what i uploaded then finish this reports. The detail requirements are as follow:
Throughout project execution, the project manager collects the status of the various Knowledge Areas (as defined in Individual Project Assignment 1) and reports that information to stakeholders. Students will take actual schedule and cost data over six (6) reporting periods and perform the following:
A. Enter the actuals into MS Project Schedule for each reporting period
B. Run an Earned Value analysis within MS Project Schedule for each reporting period
C. Produce a Status Report from steps A and B that contains the following (at the minimum):
i. Earned Value Management (EVM) values and/or graphs
ii. Threshold status indicators (e.g. red, yellow, green) and the definition of each
iii. Explanation of red or yellow status
The assignment should include a copy of an updated schedule and status report for each of the 6 reporting periods.


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