Project idea Mobile application

Description Idea:
Laundries applications now brings you all the hand-picked premium and economy laundries from your neighborhood in one single platform. In this upgraded application, you can now choose among our trusted & featured quality providers to deliver you the best laundry solution depending on your needs. The concept of our idea to design a laundries mobile application that you can download it from Apple Store called ( the laundry lockers) & the reason of choosing this particular name because every customer can choose his own laundry and create a locker with them where every time he/she place an order it will go directly to his locker. Now a days all the businesses has been transfer to e-services businesses instead of going to the laundry or calling them to pick up your clothes, you can specify your area through the laundry lockers application and get a list of all the laundries that are closed to your area, then you can place your order and choose the time suits you to pick up and deliver your laundry and dry cleaning to your doorstep. Moreover, the Laundry Locker application will allow the customers to either pay via the application or cash on the delivery time. Our goal to provide our customers with the most convenient, easy and high quality way to reach laundries in the same neighborhood.


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