Project Management Software Research Project

Assume that you work at a company considering a more formal project management approach to projects. They ask you, since you are enrolled in this course, to evaluate available software and present your recommendation for a standard project management software package. You can use a company with which you are familiar, you can research a company on the Internet, or you can make up a company in need of project management software.


Provide information about your company and define their needs in terms of project management software. (Be specific)
Clearly state the purpose of the paper as an attempt to meet the needs you have identified.


Frame the needs as ones that might be met by project management software.
Research project management software available to meet these needs. You must research at least five different packages.

Describe in detail the key attributes and functionalities of the software that you researched in Section 2 and relate this to the needs that you identified in Section 1
Describe how the different software package options would effectively meet the needs you identified.


Identify and discuss three specific project management software choices you might make based on the analysis of the software and the company needs as described in Sections 1, 2 & 3
Explain in detail why you choose these three options and select one for implementation. Justify your software selection by explaining specifically how it will meet the needs you identified in Section 1 and is, therefore, your recommended selection.


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