Prompt A and B

You must do both prompts in order to get points.

Prompt A: Compare the modern presidency with the founders’ expectations for a limited executive. Do you think the modern presidents hold too much power? Be as specific as possible and clearly explain your answer.

Prompt B : Using Chapter 6 of Keeping the Republic, explain at least two types of gerrymandering. Which one is the more controversial of the two and why? Furthermore, what has the Supreme Court said about the legality of this type of gerrymandering? Make sure to clearly explain your answers.

Support your statements by bringing in and explaining the definitions and examples in the text Barbour, Christine and Gerald C. Wright. (2015). Keeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics (6th edition brief). Washington DC: CQ Press; ISBN: 9781483352893 or 1483352897

*In all discussions, make sure to cite which pages you are referencing. For example, "According to page 26…." or "The author states that the political process matters because… (pg. 26)."


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