proposal paper.

first, this is a proposal paper. you just need write the propsal paper. i will write the final paper by myself base on your proposal paper information .

For this paper, take 1 page to outline the brief facts of the case and lay out some of the ethical issues and competing claims. You need to write the paper to convince reader in 1 page that this is a case worthy of a 10-15 page paper at the end of the semester. It should be a case with some depth that allows you to really grapple with the ethical questions it raises.
1, For this order, This is just a proposal paper. I will write final paper by myself base on your proposal paper. so help me to find a case from local news.(bloomington, Indiana)
Find the specific case in journalism with ethical implications and propose writing it for the final project. Look for a case that presents a true dilemma – that is, something that is NOT an ethical no-brainer. It should be something that presented real-life journalists with tough choices and forced them to choose between competing values and conflicting loyalties
2, I will upload the part of textbook and you can see there are some case showing up in the textbook.
3, For the case you find, i will need to interview people who were involved with it, so please find the local news so that i can interview the real people. please offer the name or contact information to me, that i can interview them base on your information. two human resource will be fine.
4, write the outline of the brief fact and lay out some of the ethical issues and competing claims.
5, Use APA style
6, here is a example: naked gunman ( like does the reporter should post the naked pic to the public? this is just an example for you. find the case with ethical issue.


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