Pros and Cons of Information Security Assurance Capability Maturity and Appraisals

Pros and Cons of Information Security Assurance Capability Maturity and Appraisals.

Your topic proposal should include several sentences to explain what your topic is and how it relates to the course material. Use of a thesis statement or brief abstract is very helpful to convey your thoughts and plans for your proposed topic.

Do not use Wikipedia or Webopedia or any of the ‘pedias’ as a reference.

Must have 1” margins all around; 0.5” paragraph indentation.

Must employ a running header and page numbers, appropriately placed.

Must use section headings — standard section heading use is encouraged (e.g., Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion).

Paper will be submitted to (Your assignment will be automatically submitted to for plagiarism check. The similarity index of your paper should be no more than 15% overall and no more than 2% from a single source. A PAPER WITH AN ORIGINALITY REPORT FROM TURNITIN OVER 15% OR OVER 2% FROM A SINGLE SOURCE will NOT be accepted. THIS WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF 0.)

Please see the below information for formatting example:

Thesis Statement
[Declarative statement that lays out the research that will be addressed in this research paper effort. Typically takes a position relative to the course objectives and the particular perspective of the author. In certain cases, course instructions may dictate specific items that much be included in the paper; the thesis statement should take this into account.]
Summary of Proposed Topic
[This should be 2-3 paragraphs that lay out the underlying considerations that will be examined or pursued as part of treating the thesis statement. Typically, an introductory paragraph will set the context, a second paragraph will discuss the approach that will be taken as well as listing any required / directed considerations, and lastly a conclusion paragraph that describes the expected outcomes from the paper’s effort. This should be seen as an opportunity to organize initial thoughts and as a precursor to the research paper outline assignment.]
[Initial listing of sources that will be used or have been consulted in preparation for formulating this proposal. If directed to include certain items, ensure the source for that information is included.]


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