PSY 496 Applied Project-Week 1 Assignment Foundations for the Final Paper

Question PSY 496 Applied Project-Week 1 Assignment Foundations for the Final Paper For this assignment submit a three-to four-page document (including title and reference pages) that includes the following: Topic: Decide upon a topic in psychology that you will address in your Final Paper. Ideally your professional paper should integrate at least two to three aspects or areas of psychology that are particularly intriguing to you. Spend time reviewing professional psychology literature to further familiarize yourself with your topic and generate a thesis statement. Preapproved topics include: 1. Does watching violence on television make people more violent? 2. Do nonhumans use language? 3. Are intelligence tests unfairly biased against certain groups? 4. Does day care harm the emotional development of infants? 5. Are personality traits inherited? 6. Are all forms of therapy equally effective? 7. Is ethnic prejudice too ingrained to ever be eliminated? 8. Do violent video games make people more aggressive? 9. Is job satisfaction genetic? 10. Are our dreams an indication of our unconscious conflicts and desires? 11. Is psychotherapy more beneficial than psychiatric medication? 12. What is personality and how is it measured?

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