Psychological effects of genocide and war.

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Assignment: Students are required to submit an annotated bibliography which examines and uses novels, textbooks, news articles, journal articles, movies and other multi-media sources on a topic related to stress management and mental health.

Using proper APA format they will write a brief introduction on the topic describing its importance and discussing the relevance of the material. After compiling a list of 4 sources students will write critical introductions to the selections they have chosen discussing why they are important and what relevance they have to the chosen topic.

This should demonstrate to the instructor that the sources have been vetted and read (news/journal articles) or closely examined and the introduction and conclusions understood (academic books, novels, text books).

The list MUST include: one independently researched academic article (peer-reviewed, published and edited in a journal or newspaper), the movie watched in class (The Messenger 2009) and an additional source which must be a book, either a novel or academic text. The fourth source has no criteria and can be selected at the students’ discretion. Do not use the PowerPoint slides.

After discussing each source separately the only “conclusion” needed is an APA formatted bibliography listing all the references.

Order of sources:
1.    Peer review journal article OR article from an accepted newspaper**
2.    Book, either a fictional work (like a novel) or a textbook
3.    Film The Messenger
4.    Student’s selection (no criteria)

Format: This assignment is to be completed in formal essay format double-spaced.  A reference list (bibliography) must be included at the end of the assignment. The assignment MUST be a minimum of 1000 words TOTAL (approximately 200 words per source and a small introduction)and use font size 12, black ink, Times New Roman. If the paper is not that long or doesn’t conform to those parameters it will lose marks.

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