Public health

Addressing Violence and Human Trafficking
Examine the MDGs (Millennium Development Goal) for various global health issues. As it pertains to violence and human trafficking, certain MDGs may be more appropriate to alleviate the pain and suffering experienced by victims (Focus only on India). Furthermore, within the context of the socio-ecological model, other factors might contribute to a country’s or region’s prevalence of violence and human trafficking. There may also be other factors that contribute to the health status of victims who endure violence and human trafficking. For example, would you expect the rate of sexually transmitted diseases to increase in human trafficking cases? Might psychological manifestations of disease give rise to physical symptoms in victims who experience continuous and overt violence?
These questions provide important information for public health professionals because they serve to guide the approaches public health professionals may take to address the larger issues of violence and human trafficking. While promoting health and well-being is the goal, within the context of violence and human trafficking, prevention is quite compromised and difficult to enforce.
Research a video or media piece related to violence or human trafficking (Focus only on India). Consider the health consequences identified in the video or media piece and reflect on the MDGs that may address the health consequences associated with violence or human trafficking.
Please attach a brief description of the video or media piece you selected. Then, explain how the health consequences discussed in the video or media piece are exacerbated by violence or human trafficking.

Please Follow Below Instructions
Professional and scholarly, appropriate, and clear communication, including correct spelling and sentence structure

Statements normally requiring references or citations were always validated with the source
Contributions were always extremely relevant to the overarching Discussion topic
Contributions always provided new, insightful, thought provoking, and original content

Ideas and comments were always of substantial depth
Contributions were always designed to engage others and often stimulated multiple peer responses that furthered the Discussion

Strong follow-up with peer questions/comments, demonstrating a true scholarly conversation
Contributions always included resources that supported and extended the Discussion


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