public relations t

public relations t
You have been assigned to a public relations team charged with developing PR tactics for a newly developed product/spokesman – Old Spice’s Mr. Wolfdog. This launch includes many marketing initiatives including this advertising TV spot (link below), but your sole concern is how to create buzz, word-of-mouth, etc., for your given product through Public Relations tactics. Creativity counts and will be the largest portion of your grade for this project.
Address the following in your paper: – Target: who do you think the communications is targeted? Look at the TV spot and/or Old Spice’s website to make your best analysis.
– Key message: the one main message the communications is conveying to its target. This message should also come through in your PR extensions to this campaign.
– PR extensions: develop three out-of-the-box, fresh, unique public relations ideas that could accompany this campaign. Use pictures to illustrate your ideas or just describe in paragraph form. Be thorough in your explanation. No boring ideas! Would media outlets pick up this story? TV/Radio/Billboards and other paid media vehicles are NOT PR, but advertising. These should be stunts, promotions, etc, that generate publicity for Old Spice.
– Rationale: why do you think these ideas are really going to work?

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