Public speaking

      Public speaking, or rhetoric, may not always take the form of a speech. Are art forms intended by the artist to be expressive or effective, and what might be the nature and extent of their contribution to the public dialogue? Incorporate your answers to the following questions into a 1-2 page essay exploring the form, intent, and effectiveness of public speaking in other media. Submit your work on Moodle.   Child in Factory   1. Can the art piece above qualify as public speaking? Explain. 2. What is its message? How do you know? Why might the artist have chosen this medium for the message? 3. Would this piece inspire public dialogue on an issue? If so, what is the issue? Who would be talking about it and what might they say? 4. Locate one other works from one other art genre. Explain how those pieces can be classified as public speaking even though they lack the structure of a speech, identify their messages and the underlying issue. 5. Was there or is there public dialogue on the issues you’ve discovered? Are the works of art you selected included in the dialogue? What might be the reasons why they are or aren’t included?

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