Reading Response Chart

Show how Wesley’s theological method is revealed in his most substantial treatise, “On Original Sin.”
Wesleyans are often accused of not having a solid doctrine of sin. That misinformed opinion normally comes from those who have not read Wesley at all! The readings this week show how Wesley unflinchingly asserted that all of us need the Physician to heal our sin-sick souls. They also show how his doctrine is not a tirade but a carefully exegeted, historically accurate, and reasonably considered argument borne out in every person’s actual experience. A student who really wants to dig into the material may can skim through the largest treatise that Wesley ever produced on any subject, that being on the doctrine of sin (Telford ed., Vol. 9, pp. 196-464). But Wesley’s shorter version in sermonic form will give the cogent argument for defending the case that all of us are totally depraved and without hope unless Jesus Christ atones and forgives.

Learning Activity: Reading Response Chart
Read the following:
Lindström, pp. 19-54.
Skim Oden, pp. 133-147.
Read Oden, pp. 149-176.

Locate the following readings by searching the site:
Sermon XLIV, “Original Sin.”
Sermon IX, “The Spirit of Bondage and Adoption.”
Sermon LVII, “On the Fall of Man,” Works, Vol. 6.

In a columned chart, list categories of Scripture, reason, tradition and experience. Under each category, state Wesley’s major arguments/points as they pertain to the doctrine of sin. There should be at least 3-4 points under each category. Remember Wesley’s “quadrilateral” theological method as well as his rigorous doctrine of sin.


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