reflect two films, Citizenfour (2014) and The Insider (1999

The instruction asks to reflect two films, Citizenfour (2014) and The Insider (1999) in the paper. Talk to me if you do not have accesses to those films; I could give you my Youtube account. The instruction lists a few questions, but the format of paper should be an integrated essay (it should have introduction with strong thesis, body paragraphs with topic sentences, and conclusion) instead of bullet points of answers to the questions. Articles and lecture slides to be used are also uploaded.Reflecting the clips from the film Citizenfour, the clips from Insider, and the respective lectures and readings regarding whistleblowing, please address the following:


  • What issues/concerns led Edward Snowden and Jeffrey Wigand to “blow the whistle” on the US government and the tobacco industry, respectively?
  • What did they hope to accomplish? Are their justifications solid or flawed? On what ethical grounds did they act? What about the ethics of disclosing the information?
  • Why go public to the media?
  • What sacrifices did Snowden and Wigand make in their personal lives by whistleblowing? Are they worth it?
  • What corporate ethics issues are raised?
  • In your opinion, were they successful? Why or why not? In what ways were they or were they not successful?
  • Under what circumstance could you see yourself becoming the next Edward Snowden or Jeffrey Wigand?


Do not answer with bullet points; This is an essay! Answer with complete thoughts and evidence to validate your statements.


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