What is reflection?
The purpose of a reflective journal is to provide you with an opportunity to look at the
process of learning in a practical context and to explore your role within this process. For this
assignment, it is recommended you regularly record a journal about your experiences of the
course. We recommend you record at least two entries per week. Each reflective entry
should be approximately 300 words long. Note that you are not required to hand in the entire
journal. Reflective journaling is a process that takes time and practice to master. In order to
be successful in this assignment, you must write journal entries regularly. Last minute journal
entries are easily recognisable.
For a brief introduction as to what Reflective writing is, and is not, see:

As a guide for writing reflective journals, you may like to draw on Gibbs’ Reflective Model.
You can learn more about this model here:

You may also like to consider the following link about reflection:
Figure 1 Gibb’s (1998) reflective model. Source: Park & Son (2011).
What we expect from you:
For the assignment, select four reflections to submit. You must also include a short rationale
(300-500 words) detailing why you chose these reflections, how they demonstrate personal
growth and how the knowledge is relevant for work in your area in the future. Examples of
topics you may want to write about reflectively could include (but should not be limited to):
• How your team first assigned roles and responsibilities for projects.
• Areas you feel you and/or your team could develop more knowledge about.
• Teamwork during these first six weeks.
• Key lessons from class.
Reflective Journal Marking Sheet
• Journal entries reflect synthesised discussion of the key areas of
reflection as highlighted in Gibbs model (or other reflective
Self-disclosure and connection
• Seeks to understand concepts by examining openly own experiences
as they relate to the topic, to illustrate points made.
• Demonstrates an open, non-defensive ability to self-appraise,
discussing both growth and frustrations as they related to learning.
• Risks asking probing questions about self and seeks to answer
• Makes clear connections between what is learned from outside
experiences and the topic.
Connection to class discussions and/or course readings
• Synthesise, analyse and evaluate thoughtfully selected aspects of
ideas or issues from the class discussion or course readings as they
relate to this topic.
Demonstration of personal growth and awareness in selection of
• Selected entries clearly demonstrate personal growth and learning
and reflect a progression in critical reflection.
• Entries have been thoughtfully selected, with a clear rationale of the
learnings included.
Presentation and referencing
• Correct spelling, grammar and overall readability.
• Correct referencing.
Total 100


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