Reliable LAN Evaluation

Reliable LAN Evaluation

Attached is the design of a small LAN and a description of the some of the user services that it supports. Please evaluate this LAN for reliability, robustness, and capacity. Write a brief report summarizing your analysis. Document and diagram any changes you would make that will improve the LAN’s reliability, robustness, and capacity. Identify any errors that you detect, and show how you would change the design to fix these errors.

Aim to do this in 3 pages, using the APA format. You will need to include revised diagrams. Be sure to set a running head in the MS Word Header, right justified, with your last name and the page number (e.g. “Barnes – 1”). Always (always, always) include a list of the sources you used to produce your paper, and use inline citations to show where you used the sources in the body of your paper.


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