Religion and Theology

1. Whereas sufism developed as part of Islamic religious experience in the pre-modern era, what do today�s Muslims think about it and how is it practiced? 2. What are the key aspects of decorative tradition in Islamic art/architecture? 3. What are some of the ways in which the ideas of modern Muslim philosophers differ from or revise the views of earlier thinkers? 4. Does Islam prescribe any particular political system? What is the relationship between Islamic values/ethics and politics? Where does the caliphate fit into this? 5. What role did Islamic civilization in Spain have in the debates within Islamic philosophy, and in terms of later philosophical developments in the West? See Fakhry, ch. 9. 6. How did ideas about Illuminationism evolve among Islamic philosophers in the later medieval period? See Fakhry, pages 314-322. 7. Describe the theological reaction and reconstruction that literalists/traditionalists put forth in response to philosophical speculation. See Fakhry, ch. 11.

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