Religion and Theology

Religion and Theology
SHORT TRADITIONAL-EXEGETICAL PAPER – NO PLAGIARISM-PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS The short exegetical paper is assigned for two reasons. The first is a practical reason. This paper will introduce you to some of the basic resources and tools of biblical studies. The second reason is to allow you to investigate the issues behind a particular passage and to see what you need to know about a passage before you try to understand or interpret the passage. Thus the paper should include all of the stages listed below, and it should be clear how the interpretation of the passage is dependent on and flows out of the background study. The paper is 6 pages long (3000 words minimum, no cover sheet), double space, 12 point font. The paper is worth 50% of the final grade.
I.Background of the passage A.What was the historical-cultural situation in which this passage was written?
B.By whom, to whom, and for what purpose was this passage written?
C.What type of literature is this passage? If applicable!
D. What is the context of the passage? (How does this passage fit within the larger body of literature within which it is found?)
E.What main themes are expressed in this passage? II.Interpretation of the passage A.What does the passage say? (understanding of the content of the passage)
B.What does the passage mean? (message of the passage)
C.Does the passage have any contemporary relevance? If so, what is that relevance? If not, why not? III.Conclusion: What might be some ethical implications of your interpretation? (does your interpretation exclude anyone or impact any groups?)   ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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