Replacing Single Glazed Windows with Double Glazed Windows

Risk Management, technical report
Format: Technical report
Expected length: 2500 words
Value: 30%
Due date: 26 March
To assess your ability to:

Identify suitable OHS hazard categories to help guide identification of hazard to health and safety at work
Identify and apply suitable OHS hazard identification, risk assessment methods in different contexts
Describe and apply the hierarchy of controls to hazards posing high risk to workers health and safety
Design an OHS risk management process
Identify people (duty holders) and their responsibilities in relation to OHS risk management in a supply chain.
This assignment is related to Modules 1 – 5 with a particular focus on Module 2 (Health and safety hazards and risks), Module 3 (Hazard identification and risk assessment) and Module 4 (OHS risk management). You should have the assignment tasks in mind when you read the material in these Modules. The assignment tasks are designed so that you can start answering some of them after reading each Module.

Context for the assignment
Imagine that a construction company “Renovabuild” (described in Appendix 1) has contacted you and asked you to help them design risk management processes and systems, and that you are writing this report to help them design their processes and systems. Appendix 1 gives you important information you need to take into account when you give advice (write the report). Read appendix 1 to be introduced to Renovabuild and its contractors.

Write a report that describes each of the following eight tasks for the scenario described in Appendix 1- “ Replacing single glazed windows with double glazed windows”. Justify and support your descriptions with references to recognised sources.

Identify and describe the hazard categories you would recommend Renovabuild to use to help them identify all hazards that pose a risk to health and safety of workers in their Renovation projects.
Describe when hazard identification needs to be conducted for the Renovation projects (you can use the project described in Appendix 1 as an example).
Describe how Renovabuild should organise hazard identification for the Renovation project department and renovation projects (e.g. for tasks and areas, who should be responsible and who should be involved).
Identify the hazard identification methods Renovabuild’s Renovation project department should use related to the renovation project described in Appendix 1 and when the methods need to be used.
To illustrate how the hazard identification methods should be used, you should use the appropriate ones to identify hazards in relation to installing windows at the second floor. Describe the methods and the identified hazards.
Describe a method for identifying the hazard with the highest risk (assessment of risk) and describe the hazard you have assessed to pose the highest risk for the process described under point 5 above and describe the likely consequences.
Describe the hierarchy of controls and apply it to the hazard you identified in point 6 to pose the highest risk. Describe the control measures you have identified on each level of the hierarchy of controls.
Describe Renovabuild’s, and its contractors (as mentioned in Appendix 1), duties in relation to risk management for the renovation project described in Appendix 1. Describe how the duties should be distributed in relation to identification of hazards and controls of hazards. Be as specific as you can.
Justify your descriptions for each of the tasks, taking into account the three positions on risk management described in Modules 3 and 4. You are required to support your identification, assessment and suggested controls of hazard with references to recognised materials such as regulations, approved codes of practices and guidelines.

Attach as appendices to your report any table(s) and figures you may have used for identification, assessment and control of hazard/risks.

Use the APA referencing system. You can find an online guideline to this on the OWLL website on Massey University’s website.

The report should include:
Front page (include: paper number and name, the assignment number and name, your name and student number, and word count)
Table of contents
Introduction (e.g. purpose of the report, importance of hazard management, the structure of the report)
Tasks 1 to 8, above (use appropriate headings)
List of References (use APA style see OWLL)
Appendices, including the tool (tables etc.) you have used for identification, assessment and control methods for hazards/risks. (You should append a tool/table that contains your assessment of the hazards/risks).
Do not append the material supplied in the assignment brief and its appendix.

Remember to have page numbers on all pages and to include the assignment number and title, your name and student number on all appendices you upload and submit separately from the report
Assignment 1
Assignment 1, Appendix 1
Scenario: Replacing single glazed windows with double glazed windows
Renovabuild has been contracted to replace single glazed windows with double glazed windows in a three storey office block in the middle of a provisional town in New Zealand. The office block will be empty during the renovation. The renovation project includes:

Erection of scaffolding
Removal of single glazed windows
Preparation for installation of double glazed windows
Installation of double glazed windows
Removal of scaffolding
The renovation project is out for tender.

Renovabuild, plans to contract out erection and removal of scaffolding to NZ Scaffold and removal of the existing windows to NZ Demolition. They also hire Hire-a-crane to supply a crane and lift the windows to the second and third floor. Below are short descriptions of these companies.
Renovabuild fabricates double glazed windows and installs them in various buildings. They manage and coordinate projects where windows are to be replaced with double glazed windows. Renovabuild contracts other specialised construction companies to perform the jobs on site that they are not competent to do. Their site managers manage the project and the jobs on site. You can see an organisational diagram in Figure 1, where the project department is detailed. They also have one health and safety advisor, who gives advice to all departments of the company.

Organisational diagram for Renovabuild

When Renovabuild negotiates a contract the construction manager, the quantity surveyor and the project manager are usually involved. They visit the site/building that needs renovating, in order to assess what is needed to perform the project. They then create an overall plan containing the processes/tasks that need to be carried out and assess the duration and cost. The company then contacts its contractors in order to be able to assess the overall project cost. If Renovabuild is awarded the contract a more detailed planning takes place in which the subcontractors for the different tasks/processes in the project are contacted by the project manager and site manager. When the project starts it is mainly the project manager and the site manager and the installers that are involved. The site manager is responsible for managing the jobs on site. The health and safety advisor is involved more or less in most of the phases.

NZ Scaffold
NZ Scaffold is a large Scaffolding company that has multiple sites throughout New Zealand. The company provides innovative scaffolding solutions for residential and commercial construction, building and maintenance projects. It delivers, erects and removes scaffoldings. In this region they have 22 staff. The regional manager assesses and plans the work. There is a health and safety coordinator in the head office in Auckland.

NZ Demolition
NZ Demolition specialises in demolition and removal of buildings or part of buildings. It is a small company with 12 employees. It has worked for Renovabuild before, particularly in relation to removing windows. The owner and manager of NZ Demolition assess the projects and plan the work.

Hire-a-crane has a large pool of cranes that they hire out; with or without operators. They have worked for Renovabuild before.
Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

About the International Labour Organisation (ILO)

ILO Standards on Safety and Health

WHO healthy workplace framework

Report on the Notifiable Occupational Disease System; – July 2000 to June 2005

Report: Work-related Fatal Injuries in New Zealand 1985-1994: Descriptive Epidemiology

New Zealand Injury prevention priority areas

Access to New Zealand Standards On-line
You have access to New Zealand Standards on-line through the library use the Article Databases listed under Standards New Zealand or from the library Catalogue record:

ACC’s website useful links to statistics

ACC injury statistics 2008/2009

Statistics New Zealand, Injury statistics

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

WorkSafe NZ’s web-page on Glossary of terms and acronyms

WorkSafe NZ’s & ACC’s Code of Practice for Manual Handling

WorkSafe NZ’s Material on Stress and Fatigue in the workplace

WorkSafe NZ’s webpage on Workplace Health and Safety strategy for New Zealand

Web links to the NOHSAC reports

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine

New Zealand Occupational Health Nurses Association

New Zealand Institute of Safety Management

New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand

HASANZ Health and Safety Association New Zealand

Link to New Zealand legislation

Link to the Health and safety at Work Act 2015.

Link to Health and safety in Employment Regulations 1995

ACC’s publication: How to implement safer workplace practices: A guide to workplace health and safety

Guidance on risk assessment at work (1996)

ACC’s publication: How to implement safer workplace practices: A guide to workplace health and safety

HSE, UK: Plan, Do, Check, Act. An introduction to managing for health and safety

"A Guide to measuring Health and Safety Performance" , HSE, UK 2001


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