irst of all: you must have access to the required source which is :
Zeithaml, V. A., Bitner, M. J., & Gremler, D. D. (2017). Services marketing: Integrating customer focus across the firm. New York:McGraw-Hill Irwin.
This source must be reflect on your writing.
Second: Link each theme with material covered in the course as well as external references (What does the textbook say? What do external sources say?). Cite each blog in-text. Also include a separate reference section for blogs.

Third:Must Include URL or permalinks for all external references; DO NOT INCLUDE the DOI. Make certain the URL is underlined so it can be directly accessed with a click.

**When using a reference from a proprietary site (such as UVIC or Sage) attach the entire article with the document.

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