Research Essay

4. “International criminal tribunals are fundamentally about individual criminal accountability of the accused and ensuring that a criminal trial occurs in accordance with internationally recognised fair trial rights. It is the prosecution who speaks for the victims, and the role of victims in the process is necessarily limited.”


Student:            ___________________________________________________________________________

Topic:              ­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________________________________________________


(a)   Did the candidate demonstrate an accurate, detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the relevant legal concepts, values, principles and rules?

(b)   Were all the key areas covered?

(c)   Did the candidate show an appreciation of the economic, social, political and other pressures which shape the development of the law?

Analysis/Problem Solving:

(a)   Has the candidate identified the relevant legal issues and applied the legal knowledge to the question asked?

(b)   Were conclusions reached, even if tentative?

(c)   Were the conclusions supported by the preceding arguments?


Research Skills

(a)   Has the candidate referred to primary and secondary materials (including cases) relevant to those issues (including material that is not favourable)?

(b)   Has the candidate worked from those materials to support the points made and conclusions reached?

(c)   Has the candidate correctly cited all authorities, included a bibliography and attributed all sources?





(a)   Introduction – does it give a sense of how the candidate will proceed?

(b)   Is there a clear structure, with each major point in a separate paragraph and with a clear progression between points?

(c)   Are points repeated?


General & Presentation:

(a)   Was the assignment expressed with economy, clarity and confidence?

(b)   Was the language impersonal and appropriate?

(c)   Was the overall presentation of the assignment clear, professional and appropriate?



Overall comment:









Mark:                                                    Signed:                                                            Date:


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