Research Into New Potential Therapies for Lung Cancer

Articles that are chosen to review should be pedagogical, but keep in mind that the purpose of these articles is to Review The Recent Scientific Literature.

FORMAT: This review article should be written following the ACS Guidelines, and should contain a title page, abstract, outline, conclusion and/or future studies section, references, and figures and tables – along with the main body of the paper. For excellent examples of review articles, see the following journals that specialize in review article: “Accounts of Chemical Research” or “Chemical Review”.

LENGTH REQUIREMENT: a paper with 30 full, double-spaced (12-font type, Times New Roman font) pages of text. Note that this does not include the title page, abstract, outline, references, figures and tables.

REFERENCES: The paper needs to be thoroughly referenced, with citations given in the appreciate places in the text indicating the articles, books, papers, etc. to which you referred. Since this is a research review, the majority of references should be research articles. Xeroxed or electronic copies of all referenced sources may be necessary for inspection, and should be available upon request. THEREFORE, PLEASE FIRST SEND ME YOUR CHOSEN RESEARCH ARTICLES BEFORE/WHILE YOU START YOUR WRITING AND SHOW ME WHERE I CAN GET THEM SINCE MY PROFESSOR MAY BE ASK ME ABOUT THEM . NOTE: the purpose of a review article is to review the literature, so is expected at least 25 references (with different authors/research groups) to be cited.


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