research methods for marketers

research methods for marketers   You are expected to plan a research project that focuses on customer beliefs, shopping and spending behavior in the recession. This assessment is worth 30% of your module grade. In your assessment, you are expected to gather, select and analyze secondary data. You will develop a portfolio that includes your research design, your proposed research instrument and proposed data analysis. Within this research project, each student is required to:
• Undertake a preliminary review of relevant data and sources on chosen topic
• Develop three research objectives relevant to the topic
• Undertake some online observation for the topic
• Develop a questionnaire to establish respondent patterns and examine statistical relationships Secondary Analysis Each individual will summarize some customer trends in the market you have chosen. You will get useful sources that tell you about current consumer patterns may have changed with the recession. You will choose one sector to examine –sectors that are perhaps easy to investigate are grocery, clothing, eating in or out, holidays, high tech electronic devices etc. Gather useful data from three to five sources and then summarize the most relevant trends. Primary Data Collection You will undertake one form of primary research : an Online Observation. You will undertake four observations of relevant online forums where the recession is discussed.and identify some common factors in respondent attitudes towards the recession. You will also plan a survey. For the survey, you will :
• Identify three research objectives
• Choose a respondent sample from Leicester/ East Midlands area for your survey.
• Design a questionnaire (max. 2 pages) that focuses on relevant questions to gather adequate information.
• You will be expected to pilot the questionnaire in Leicester (with at least five respondents) and make amendments, if necessary. You will finalize the questionnaire as part of your portfolio of work.
• You will explain what statistical analysis you plan to undertake in your study. (Crosstabulations) Key Guidelines for Report • Your written assignment should be 1,600 words in length (excluding references and appendices). The analysis needs to be coherent, with good logical explanation and justified commentary.   Suggested Format of Research Methods Report Introduction 1.0 Overview of Secondary Sources
2.0 Research Design and Findings : Observation
2.1 Research Objective and Method
2.2 What forums and how you sampled the threads in the forums
2.3 Research Findings from Observations
3.0 Research Design for Survey
3.1 Research Objective and Method
3.2 Respondent Sample for your Survey
3.3 Proposed Survey
3.4 How, where , when data will be collected
3.5 Proposed Data Analysis
Appendix 1 (OPTIONAL)
Perhaps you include secondary data to support analysis in Section 1
Appendix 2 (REQUIRED)
o 1.1 Copy of Final Observation Sheet
o 1.2 Copy of Completed Observations AND – include a printout of at least ONE detailed Topic thread that you observed for each completed Observation
o 1.3 Coding for Observations – one A4 sheet that shows the main codes
Appendix 3 (REQUIRED)
o Copy of Final Survey with an explanation of how you piloted it – comment on any changes
• References; Full references for any sources (whether academic or industry-based) must be indicated at the end of your assignment in a reference list. Please follow the Harvard referencing format. This is noted in your Programme Handbook. • Some appendices need to be included such as your final questionnaire (in hard copy). – See above in Format of Report Hand in to the Student Advice Centre • Hand in to Student Advice Centre by 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday 21st April at the latest ?
TWO hard copies of the report
ONE hard copy that has the main report AND THE References
ONE copy that includes the main report, the References AND ALL Appendices You are also required to submit an electronic copy of the assignment through turnitin on Blackboard. Turnitin Important : The report needs to be your own work, your own design and your own analysis., You need to keep all draft work for each stage of this assignment in your research portfolio. Reassessment
If the assignment does not achieve a pass grade of 50%, there will be ONE further opportunity to resubmit the assignment. Details on any re-assessment will be issued by the Assessment Board. Some Key Areas for Evaluation CONTENT OF REPORT
Quality of Analysis – How good was the overall analysis? Was there adequate consideration of relevant trends (with some supporting data) AND of relevant dimensions relating to research focus? Were points justified with information and were sources identified? Was Observation logical and well-planned? Was survey clearly developed, properly justified and will it achieve objectives?
How well structured was the report? Were report format and guidelines fulfilled? Was the research process reported in a valid way (explanation of the research method;
in methodology and in appendices Sentence construction, grammar, punctuation
Adequate and Accurate Reference list, Citation and Sourcing in text of report Do Appendices add value? Indications of Grade A basic assignment that achieves a pass grade will include : • adequate explanation of current trends and background factors in own words, drawing on current sources
• Some explanation of the conceptual elements (dimensions) that may link to the primary research
• Relevant interpretation, not just description of secondary sources
• Valid and logical primary research approach with clear method, adequately structured questionnaire AND adequate data collected.
• Structured analysis of findings with evidence of some valid interpretation of statistical tests
• Sensible and relevant conclusions about respondent behaviour, based on actual data.
• Correct format in report, adequate sources and clear referencing A good to excellent assessment will demonstrate : • Clear treatment of chosen topic, drawing upon secondary and primary data as appropriate.
• Evidence of some well-integrated background analysis on contemporary developments in topic area .
• Solid explanation of the conceptual elements (dimensions) that relate to topic and evidence of understanding of how those dimensions inform the primary research
• Adequate assimilation of elements needed for the design and administration of survey method, data collection and appropriate data analysis.
• Clear statistical analysis that shows a logical choice of statistical test AND evidence that the interpretation is relevant and any discussion or conclusions are well-justified
• Realistic discussion of objectives and conclusions for households or consumers with thoughtful comment
• Organization of report – clearly presented with solid, logical linkages between sections
• Well-developed format and presentation in report
• Thorough range of sources and clear, accurate referencing throughout Describe the analytical approach you intend to use and how this fits your data and research question. The approach to data analysis will be determined by the type of data, and the nature of the variables collected. You need to make some reference to the type/s of statistical tests appropriate to the type of data/variables obtained.
Discuss the resources needed for your project, if any.
Identify any ethical issues pertinent to your project with a description of how you plan to deal with these ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!  

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