Research Proposal:

Research Proposal: Your final project for unit two will be a proposal for your research study. Think of your proposal as both a map that will help guide you through the independent research project that lies ahead and an argument, made to me, about how and why this will be a useful, engaging research project. In total, your proposal should include: Generating A Rubric: Audience Analysis:
–(200-300 words)
–Understanding audience as “Who Wants to Read it?” “Who’s interested in Reading it?” “Who Should Read it?” Which audience has the most personal stake in reading your paper? An audience that is not directly impacted by the paper’s focus? An audience interested in gaining knowledge?
–Propose an academic journal, or a magazine where your article would be ideal to be printed (and the reasons why). Methodology:
–(200-300 words)
–Understanding the evolution of your question: where you started, where it’s going, and how you got there.
–Using two rhetorical terms to explain your research perspective. Defined by you, demonstrating your understanding of this term in the context of your paper. My Data:
–(200 word minimum)
–Use two rhetorical terms (they can be the same as the terms used in the methodology section, so long as the terms apply to both sections).
–Reinforcing the claims of your annotated bibliography, vetting your sources, etc.
–How the data you’ve collected influences what you’re looking at. Annotated Bibliography:
–2 of the 3 sources peer reviewed.
–Annotated according to the Purdue OWL site.
–Properly formatted.
–Make sure the questions from the AB prep sheet are answered (or accounted for).
–Quote direct examples from the articles in your summaries. Personal Stake:
–Using the space to explain how your research proves your point, and why you’re interested in answering your question (but not your life story).
–What you want to learn in this research. Research Questions My major is not just Health Information Management, it is Health Informatics & Health Information Management. So in this research I want to learn more about the two majors.
My questions:
1- What is the reason for confusion between the two majors
2- What is the benefit?
3- Where can I practice to get experience?

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