Response to the Lingustics and the teaching of reading

Response to the Lingustics and the teaching of reading Paper instructions:
Paper instructions:
Respond to assigned reading You are expected to include additional research even when responding to a particular article. There would be at least three in-text citations and a few more in References. Furthermore, you would wish to describe and illustrate two or three of the main points that catch your eye so to speak. The Lefevre piece is prophetic in a sense that these would be the main ideas, features, or concepts that would be encountered and studied in a course or this sort…the bare bone essentials of what a teacher must know about the fascinating field of linguistics. Keep in mind that we are looking at “pure” linguistics per se, but rather at an applied linguistics…. at the application of linguistical features to the pedagogy of language instruction, to put it in a nutshell. The minimum would be five to six pages at the very least.

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