resume – engineering ( mechanical engineering)

Prepare a resume and cover letter for a specific, targeted position. This position can be one you hope to obtain after graduating, a position you want now as you work on your degree, or an internship position you would like to obtain next summer. You MUST submit the job description as a separate file or as a url in the "Add a Comment" section. Note: If you find a job at a 3rd party site (i.e. Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor), please provide the original company link/job description instead of the 3rd party information.

Be sure to tailor your cover letter to the job/company and use key words from the job description in your application documents. Your cover letter should be written persuasively. Remember, you are "selling" yourself and working to convince the hiring managers that you possess the required and desired skills posted in the job description.

The resume and cover letter should be submitted in one file.

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You may note that the example videos and pdf documents posted in the Module and in the textbook vary depending upon several factors. These factors include industry expectations, the applicant’s current strengths and organization culture. You must research the job and company/organization to understand how best to "sell" yourself.
* Be sure to include key words from the job description in your application documents. Specifically address required items, such as certifications and education.
Resume Tips
Please also note that recruiters and hiring managers may only spend a total of ~10 seconds reading your resume. As a result, the most important information (i.e. education and work experience) should be addressed within the to top 1/2 of the resume. One way students like to show work experience within the top 1/2 is by including this type of information in a short objective statement (typically for new arrivals to a field) or a professional summary (for applicants with relevant work experience in the field). Others prefer to forego the objective statement to save valuable space within the first 1/2 page for education and skills.
* At this stage of your career, one page should suffice.
* Be consistent in formatting! Watch your fonts, line spacing, and date formatting.
* Remember to use reverse chronological order in each section within each section. The hiring manager wants to read about your most recent and relevant internship or work experience first. Your first job in high school is likely of less relevance at this point in your career and should be placed last in the list. List the duties in previous work and volunteer experiences in past tense.
* Do not include your high school education. It is assumed that you achieved a high school diploma or GED in order to apply for college.
* Do not state "References are available upon request" – this is always assumed now.
* Proofread!
Cover Letter Reminders
* Your first sentence should grab the reader’s attention. Don’t be boring with ordinary openings like "I am writing to apply for…" or "My name is…" If you are applying via your network, be sure to reference your contact in the first sentence.
* Write with a reader-orientation. How can your talents add value to the organization? (Watch how many times you use "I")
* Your cover letter is not a detailed reiteration of your resume. Instead, highlight key areas that pertain to the job description and play to your strengths. Your letter entices the reviewer to read your resume.
* If you have a major weakness, such as a missing certification or education requirement, try to explain what you are actively doing to close the gap. For example, you could give the date you intend to sit for a certification exam. But do not lie; if you are not doing anything to close the gap, do not mention the gap at all. Do not use phrases like, "Unfortunately, I do not have XYZ requirement, but I am a great candidate anyway."
* Ask for what you want! You will usually be asking for an interview.
* Provide your contact information.
* Do not close with cliches, such as "Thank you for your time." Close with a forward-looking statement.
* Proofread!

check the videos in order to get the idea.


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