Question 1. How can a small sporting goods store can compete in the market with Wal-mart and still thrive?? 2. Identify and describe the two important issues in the design of large retail organization. 3. Prior a meeting with a vendor a buyer will analyze their business and prepare to discuss certain areas with them. What does the buyer and the vendor discuss during their meetings and what types of things might be negotiated 1. With manufacturers legally able to sell direct from the factories why should retailers exist? 2. Explain multichannel retailer?s impact on cannibalization and share of wallets? 3. Why are category killers and supercenter retailers best suited to succeed internationally? 4. Why is choosing a good location such an important decision for retailer? 5. Often when retailers sales and profits decline due to increased competition they respond to decreasing labor costs by reducing the number of sales associates hiring more part-timers and spending less training. What is wrong in this strategy? 6. What is customer life time value and how it is estimated? 7. If there are so many advantages to carrying private brands why do retailers even bother to sell national brands? 8. Why is marginal analysis the most economically correct method for setting communication budgets and why it is still a challenge for retailers to use this method? 9. Newman is opening a produce market in his neighborhood. What suggestions would you make for him in regards to effectively using signage? 10. What factors should be considered in locating stores? Why should retailers consider those factors?

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