Reverse dheriminotion and Mob related testing

can you answer the questions below and the extra credit?
1. The city manager of Pasadena acknowsedged that a sophisticated con hv a group of city ennalovees caused the 56 milion emberrement. (True or False)

2 In examining the culture of an organuation, list two charitteristics that would enhance your understanding of an organization. ?

3, Which characteristic, from this list, is viewed as the main factor that differentiates an open organization from a closed organization? ( Values, structure, governance system, or environmental influence:)

4. The city of Los Angeles’ proposed solution to its deteriorating sidewalks problem is to transfer to adjacent property owners the ongoing sidewalk maintenance responsibility only after the city has made all the necesary repairs
(True or False)

9.which of the following had the most senificant influence on the enactment rights and the emergence of public labor unions?
(Aj New Dear ,
B) War on Poverty
C) civa Rehts Movement D) Baby Boomers Generation

10. March each phrase with the proper U.S Supreme court case (2)

Reverse dheriminotion and Mob related testing

Griggs v. Duke powers ————–
UC Board of Regents

11. as a result of public agencies adopting " code of Ethics " policies there has been a noticeable decrease in public conurbation case
(True or False)

12. public employees are allowed to participate in political activities during hunch and regular breaks,provides such activities are not conducted during working hours and on public facilities?
( True or False)

13. The emergence of the human relations movement was a reaction to the emphasis placed by managers on scientific management practices.
( True or False)

15. name the California proposition approved by voters that prohibits state governments from considering race, sex or ethnicity in public employment,public contracting or public education?

16 The FBI described crystal city, Texas as city facing a major corruption scandal caused by alleged voter fraud. ( True or False)

17. what major event of the 1970s caused all levels of government to establish ethical standards in government?

18, which of the followine is not a type of leadership?
( autocratic , dictator, laissez- faire, tractional, democratic )

19 .The Countys Board of supervisors its Chief Exteutive o study how the probation Department could be reorganized as result resignation by its former Chief probation officer Jerry powers
(True or False)

20.The civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited ent ditcrimin and private employment.
(True or False )

21. The Human Relations Movement of the 1940s Merged as response to how employees were treated and ignored by private and public organizations
(True or False)


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