Revision of order #203729517. Resume and Cover Letter

INSTRUCTIONS NOT FOLLOWED: I will upload to you a new resume cover letter with the rubric that shows exactly was not covered in the document. please see the highlighted ares of the rubric you will see exactly what was not covered in the document. please look over each section that is highlighted in the rubric and apply it to the new document. keep in mind this is a resume and cover letter are hypothetical but keep it related to industrial engineering.
also i will upload a PDF that also has comments and corrections to be made. please use BOTH the PDF file and the rubric with the highlighted comments to correct the resume and cover letter.
PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY REFERENCES, SKILLS, EXPERIENCES you wish to add. bring anything from your idea and apply it to the paper. again this resume and cover letter is hypothetical just keep it related to industrial engineering
GRAMMAR: there is alot of grammar errors.
CUSTOMIZE CONTENT: see the rubric i uploaded and pdf file which shows the mistakes, please correct them. please make sure the resume is fitted to one page and the cover letter is one page.

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