Rhetorical Analysis Project

Rhetorical Analysis Project
1. Explain in brief what articles you chose and why.
In the first sentence should identify the source(indicate the author, the source title, and its form) and the claim the author makes. In the body of the summary, you should state the evidence for the claim (items that support, describe, or explain it). At the end of the summary, state the conclusion the author makes.The summary must be clear and sufficient enough that someone who has not read the article will be able to understand the writer’s argument as well as his/her main points. 2.Identify the strongest rhetorical strategies in the text for your analysis. Some things you can consider writing about for the analysis section of the essayare
• Who is the audience for this article? Be specific…don’t just say scholars.
• What is the author’s purpose for writing?
• Which rhetorical appeals are used (pathos, ethos, and logos)?
• How does the author use his/her sources? What kinds of sources are included?
• What is the genre of the article?
• How is the article organized?
• Discuss the specific style that is in the text and discuss its effectiveness for the author’s audience.
• How do the language and the style contribute to the purpose?
• How could the author improve this text in further revisions? What are the strengths and weaknesses?

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